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Not knowing the difference between good and evil
//performative multimedia installation

The tension between the life performance on the chromakey and a projection of an insect-sized woman on the floor in the dark room.


It should be a personal revelation to those who interact with the installation. Was it a disintegration of the personality? Is there still a woman in the insect, and what was the insect in the woman.


If to take into consideration the concept of the inner fight between human and animal in the person, why did the animal part has won.

Happy woman to be

It is a draft for the video, where Janina constructs the ritual according to the new beliefs of how to become a happy woman. Site-specific for Siberia, where statistically to a hundred single women aged 30+ there are less than 80 adequate (working, not addicted) single men of the

same age group. 

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