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Games that I play

Being in a constant process of reinventing myself and thus my art, I keep my sensibility as a waymark. Basically (as Heidegger well explained) I share the belief, that the process of art and a piece of art reveals the very essence of life. Art as a journey, as dharma. I feel so blessed that all those alienations and appropriations of cultural experiences are taking place now in post-humanistic way.

These difficulties when describing myself… When I used to work as a journalist I would bristle for the fact I have to stay focused on the others, when no one asked me in detail why and how things are happening in my life. It was a period when one of the favorite tricks was to hide essential and pretend to behave mondainly.

We discussed and document the kinds of games I am playing now with Sam Beklik. Of course we explored the figures I perform. 

Now I am fighting my own conformism, searching for personal sincerity in postmodern topics and integrating different media, which I learned mostly occasionally and often auto-didactically.

Life is much more exciting than what I can expect, suggest, insist, pose, dream or get rid of.

august 2017

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